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My name is David Kamatoy, and I have two passions: Entertainment and Entrepreneurship. I am known first as a professional juggler/comedian. Also a musician, photographer/cinematographer, media guy and producer.

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About David Kamatoy (@DavidKamatoy) juggler and producer

What I Do

Host of the DavidKamatoy.com Show, you can view the latest clips by clicking here on Vimeo. 

The last few years I have produced nationally syndicated TV and Radio for Jump TV Studios.

As a producer, I spent the last few years producing Big Biz Show hosted by Bob "Sully" Sullivan and America Trends, hosted by Aimee Fuller on the YouToo America cable network, Biz TV and BizTalk Radio in 130+ markets reaching over 33 million homes. 

David Kamatoy on the Set of "Pure Comedy" with Mark Christopher Lawrence
David Kamatoy, D.P. Co-Director on the Set of

"Pure Comedy" with Mark Christopher Lawrence" on Pureflix.

David Kamatoy balances a large toy horse on his head.

As an Entertainer, I have juggled professionally in circuses, casinos, comedy clubs, college campuses, streets  and a random kid's birthday party. 

As a Musician, I have musically directed regional educational musical theatre and a regional one-ring circus. Shows include Fern Street Circus, Godspell, Pippin, Seusical the Musical and Cats.

As a Photographer and Cinematographer, I have shot BTS for Hollywood Films and even had my work shown at the Cannes Film Festival for a Canon workshop. Recently the DP on The Capitalist and Pure Comedy with Mark Christopher Lawrence.

As a Host, I will be hosting DavidKamatoy.com Show based on the blog and my Radio Show and Geek Round Table. 

As an Entrepreneur, I have coached dozens of entrepreneurs in business development and strategically brainstorming their ideas and business. With my team, we have had incredible eclectic opportunities ranging from shoes and fashion to corporate entertainment and water saving devices.

I am a juggler both literally and physically.

What's Next?

Video Production: We continue to produce talk radio and television shows on various subjects and are constantly looking for content, clients and new show ideas. 

Entrepreneur: We are continuing to work with Jugglemail.com, our CRM email marketing platform that really does help you juggle your business.

Jugglemail.com is email marketing, website platform, CRM. A customer relationship
system that allows for the management of multiple businesses, projects, teams and
websites. Visit Jugglemail.com for a Free Trial and more information. 

Once again, please contact me if you have any projects you would like to talk about regariding media coverage, media personality development, video production, etc.


David Kamatoy, juggler & producer
Multi-Creative Entrepreneur

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My Websites

DavidKamatoy.GURU - Blog est. 2005

KamatoyMediaGroup.com - Media Production - Business Development - Content Marketing

KamatoyPhotography.com - Photography site for events, headshots, etc.

Jugglemail.com - Email marketing CRM WebPlatform. 

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