The Show Ep. 1  w/ Fran Cannon

The Show covers the intersection of entrepreneurship, entertainment and e-marketing. Juggler aka Multi-Creative David Kamatoy hosts the show. The newest episode can be seen here first, soon to be available on all multiple platforms. 


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The Show Ep. 1 w/ Fran Cannon

The Show w/ Fran Cannon Ep.1 


San Diego, CA (For Release): Kamatoy Media Group is proud to announce the release of Episode 1 of The Show, which covers the intersection of entrepreneurship, entertainment, and e-marketing. The program stars multi-creative entertainer and producer David Kamatoy, who has decades of experience in television and radio production, entertainment, and promotions. Each episode features one or more guests discussing facets of business building, performance, and/or marketing. David’s guest for Episode 1 is business and success consultant Fran Cannon.

Episode 1 opens with a look at recent news in the areas of technology and social media, with highlights on AI, TikTok, and Spotify. David first delves into two sides of the AI debate - opting out and optimizing - and how each can affect multi-creative business people. This is followed up by a discussion on Pinterest’s  “Shuffle” AI feature for creating dynamic collages as a tool for social media content. Finally, David covers the growth of independent artists on Spotify and the “rise of the musical middle class.”

Fran Cannon of Cannon Training and Development joins David for a talk on success principles and answers the question: “Do you need two MBAs to be successful?” Over the course of their discussion, the two cover The Aladdin Factor, the Myth of Small Business, and What They Don’t Teach You in School. Fran explains principles of success, including being specific on what you want and believing you deserve it, and he and David touch on the importance of finding a balance between confidence and pretentiousness.

Every week The Show will look at trends, tips and techniques that help the multi-creative entrepreneur focus on in order to become “A Jack-of-all-Trades, Master of Some.” To learn more about David Kamatoy, visit his website at

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