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Acting Classes 2020-2021 

Due to Covid-19 we have not been teaching. The good news is that we have been seeing an uptick in interest in lessons and now that San Diego has opened up a litle. We are going to start looking at starting something probably on Thursdays. 

This will be an Acting, Performance, Media Coaching class. The pandemic has definitely made us all aware of the importance of new media from Zoom Calls to creating your own content, to self-taping an audition. Having on camera skills have now become important for not just professional actors but anyone trying to control their personal brand. 

If you have an interest pleasecontact me directly using the link and I invite you to join the cicrcle of influence.  I will add you to the entertainment specific database as well. I often pass along casting ops that show up on the desk.

(As always, please do your own due dilligence when auditioning for anything. And I suggest always CCing your agent, manager, friend, associate, parent, coach when communicating with any casting opportunitty.) 

San Diego, CA - David Kamatoy is currently teaching actors, entertainers and media personalities. He is available for private and semi-private sessions. 

The class core technique is  based in his training with DJ Sullivan and her work with Michael Shurtleff. Film and Broadway Casting Director, author of "Audition". David also draws from his background in theatre, film, live performance, circus , music, street performing, radio hosting, hypnotherapy, Alexander Technique and self-development. 

He currently produces nationally syndicated radio and television and constantly is asked by actors to help with Self-Taping auditions. 

David's goal in working with Actors is to get them to be comfortable in an audition and subsequently a working professional enviroment. TV, Film, Radio, Red Carpet, etc. 

For more information contact David Kamatoy via email by clicking here.

Acting Classes

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