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Here is the latest video clip and links to our video accounts online... New KMGTV account. Please follow our new channel. is the monster you can't ignore. They are owned by Google and is the 2nd most visited site on the internet in the United States. However, as a content creator there are tons of tap dancing you need to do in order to post and monetize.

How to Google Yourself Properly - Show 2020.10 from David Kamatoy on Vimeo. Pro accounts are great for content creators. 1. I can replace the video and not change the links. 2. Clients can download from the site as well from a private link. 3. I can upload an entire TV Broadcast show including commercials. Which youtube has issues with.

Additonally, we post natively to Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram but of course we do not own those platforms.

Thank you for the views and the follows. We are wildly independant. So views, shares and business thrown are way is very important to us. 

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