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David-Kamatoy-Square-1-300.pngDavid Kamatoy Biography

David Kamatoy, Multi-Creative Entrepreneur. A juggler, literally and figuratively.

Producer known for America Trends,  Big Biz Show, Sully’s  Biz Brew, and The Capitalist.  Director and DP for "Pure Comedy" with Mark Christopher Lawrence.

2020 will the launch of  the shows, “ Show” based on his original Radio Show and Blog Geek Round Table and Presidio Sentinel TV. 

Big Biz Show, America Trends, Sully's Biz Brew, The Capitalist have aired and airs on Youtoo America Network and BizTalk Radio in 130+ markets. Pure Comedy is on Pureflix. 

David Kamatoy leads the Kamatoy Media Group in business and media development. As an entrepreneur he spent a decade working with start-up and emerging companies as a consultant, coach, speaker and investor relations director. Bringing that experience into the media production world is why fellow entrepreneurs feel comfortable working with David in communicating the vision and intent of their project.

David Kamatoy on the set of "Pure Comedy" withMark Christopher Lawrence.

David Kamatoy is known performing-wise predominantly as a juggler-comedian. Performing across the country, but mainly on the West Coast, he constantly is recognized as “that juggling guy.” It has happened in the boardroom, on the set and even in prison. (He was visiting.)

He is currently teaching a small group of actors and entertainers at San Diego Creative Arts Project, working with individuals that want to work professionally.

He is the co-founder of an email marketing, website and CRM platform that helps entrepreneurs juggle and manage multiple projects and teams.


David Kamatoy is starting the Multi-Creative Entrepreneur movement dedicated to helping Multi-creatives learn to focus and turn their creativity into productive businesses. 

If you are interested in contacting David Kamatoy regarding entertainment, entrepreneurship, or media inquiries, please email me by clicking here and / or joining the circle of influence by clicking here.


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