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What is a Multi-Creative Business Owner?

A Multi-Creative Business Owener is a multi-talented individual who applies those talents in a business or most likely multiple businesses and projects.

David-Kamatoy-Story-1-300-test.jpgA Mutli-Creative Business Owner or Entrepreneur is an impressive individual who typically has mastery in multiple skill sets. Someone who is a concert pianist and a professional photographer. Someone who is a scientist that can also play the violin and juggle. A classically trained dancer who is also an accountant. In days past they would be considered a Renaissance man with a Leonardo da Vinci-like genius.

The challenge of being a Multi-Creative is two-sided.

Internally, one must learn to focus long enough to master skill sets and finish projects. Being constantly turned on by shiny new things and never completing projects is the biggest threat.

Externally, the multi-talented entrepreneur has the personal and professional branding problem of how as an individual they are known and branded to the public. Often a multi-creative may share too many roles, thoughts and ideas and appear as a flake, a dreamer, a "Jack of All Trades, Master of None."

A true Multi-Creative Entrepreneur is more of a, "Jack of All Trades, Master of Some." 

Mastering a skill set, being paid to perform that skill set is the first step. A Multi-Creative Entrepreneur can then apply the process, traits and the confidence to another talent, skill set, project or business.

The strategy of a Multi-Creative Entrepreneur is focusing on the right way to create successful businesses, creating multiple streams of income. Effectively juggling more than one business.

Now more than ever, the world as we know it is creating a culture that finds multi-creatives entertaining. There are a lot of weekend warriors that are getting famous for one off stunts or tricks. But just because you get famous for doing a double backflip on Youtube, does not mean that you can perform it every night in Cirque.

A true Multi-Creative Entrepreneur knows how to study, apply, practice, obsess over a skill set, project or business to build it to a successful conclusion. Some of these businesses can be built to be self sustaining or operational while another one is being created. Effectively, juggling multiple projects.  

Traditional advice or even self-help advises us to totally focus on a project. This absolutely works; however, where this traditional messaging falls short is that the sheer idea of telling true multi-creatives to "focus and finish" may be reason those multi-creative entrepreneurs stop in their tracks. 

Instead, the Multi-Creative Entrepreneur explores bundling creative skills sets so that they compliment each other. Just as actors train to be triple threats - to sing, dance and act - they often excel or are known for one of those specific skills. Also, training in all three may take one of those skills to an even higher level. In other words an average dancer may be a very elegant actor. A poor singer who trains vocally may have an incredibly powerful speaking voice. 

I am a juggler figuratively and literally.  Both an Entrepreneur and Entertainer, and I understand what it's like to be pigeonholed in both worlds. To be known for a specific skill set, acknowledged as an expert and then ignored in another field because I am known as credible in the other.

This is about my Journey in both worlds. I am sharing what has worked and what has not worked for me.  Multi-Creative Entrepreneurs follow paradigms, put their own spin on it, make it unique and duplicate the process.

What we have found is that Multi-Creative Entrepreneurs attract other Multi-Creative Entrepreneurs. However, your business patrons and your team members should be both multi-creatives and on non multi-creatives. How? You need to learn to finish, to accomplish projects. Real credibility comes from completed projects.  

This is the movement and the community we are working on building and supporting.

What's Next?

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