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1965/66 Baldwin SD6 9ft. Concert Grand

San Diego, CA - We acquired this stunning Baldwin Concert Grand at the end of 2021 from a local College. 

From the Golden Age of Baldwin Pianos. This was when they were in direct competition with Steinway. 

We are in the process of updating this story. Here are a few images. 


The Cover via was a custom order and exactly what we ordered. 

#1. This is a 9ft Baldwin Concert Grand. There is no standard cover for this instrument. 

#2. This instrument was clearly used and loved at a college for many years and has a few cosmetic scars to prove it. So protecting is a priority and it is clear that if the piano was left uncovered we could see exactly where the wear and tear would appear. 

The good news is that for the last several years the piano lived in a box and was protected. It came to us dusty but wanting to be played. 

#3. While we are in Southern California. We placed the piano in the lobby of our Studio, So will often see a high degree of traffic as well as a little bit of a draft at times. 

So we chose function first.

Baldwin BA 9" Quilted Padded Mackintosh, Length to the Floor. 

1965/66 Baldwin SD6 9ft. Concert Grand Piano




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