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Rock 105.3 Boo Ball 2018 Rocks San Diego, CA

San Diego, CA - Rock 105.3 Boo Ball in San Diego was a rousing success. We have helped with placing entertainers for this event for the 4th year in a row. Stephen Prendergast and David Kamatoy had a chance to capture the event. Here a few highlighted images from 2018. We will post a few more on Facebook and additionally at KamatoyPhotography. 

 Congratulations to the Rock 105.3 team and the winners from Boo Ball 2018.

One of the most entertaining lines of the year at House of Blues. 

Radio Hosts of Rock 105.3 at Boo Ball 2018 with a packed house.

Go Go Dancer Sam onstage at House of Blues. 

Winner of the Sexiest Costume.

Runner Up of Sexiest Costume. It was close.

Art Macias as Freddy Kreuger at Boo Ball 2018.

This guy won, BEST COSUTME. Detail and Practicals were fantastic.

Go Go Dancer at Boo Ball. 

One of the last shots of the night. I found this very amusing. 

More photos to be found at soon. 

Interested in working in working with the team. Send an email. 

David Kamatoy is a juggler literally and figuratively. A Nationally Syndicated TV/ Radio producer known for The Big Biz Show and America Trends. He has worked proffessionally as a juggler-comedian, actor, musician, photographer, Director of Photography to name a few. Clients have a tendancy to work with David based on wanting to produce media and business development. He teaches once a week acting and performance. He is co-founder of Kamatoy Media Group and a CRM email marketing company As an early adopter to social media he understands the long term benefits of self-branding and content creation. He host’s his own show, “David Kamatoy Blog Show” a magazine style format show covering entertainment, entrepreneurship and e-marketing


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