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Check out Jill Lublin's Crash Course in Publicity

If you are interested in getting Media to cover you, your event, your company then you have to understand PR, Public Relations. It's that simple.

One of the ways to do that is to learn as much about PR as you can and Jill Lublin, Co-Author of Guerrilla Publicity is a great way to do it. 

Click here for more information & to register for Jill Lublin's Crash Course in Publicity.

As a TV producer of hundreds of TV and Radio talk shows. I can tell you that understanding PR, Public Relations how it relates to marketing is constantly misunderstood.

PR is one of those strange gigs in the business world that almost every business needs to understand at some level and at the same time its a job that requires no degree and no certification.

As an entrepreneur, I try to learn as much as I can about something before I hire someone to do the job. 

Click here for more information & to register for Jill Lublin's Crash Course in Publicity.

Do you need a PR person or can you do it yourself? My answer is YES! Both are true. 

As a producer I can tell you straight out that the best guests are typically represented and pitched by an agency. Why? because they are prepped, the understand the format. 

We get things like

  • Press Releases
  • Interview Guides
  • Question Suggestions
  • Talking Points
  • B-Roll
  • Images
  • A media friendly website
  • A simple pitch or CTA and if its appropriate for the show.

That being stated, that does not mean that you need PR Agency to prep the above but the truth is that most who approach me without a PR Agency are not prepped correctly.

My other reality is that many of our regular guests are not attached to a PR Agency and have not been for years. 

So how does that work???

The simple answer is that they are great guests and they know how to prep, are media coached, media friendly and can carry a conversation on air.


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